MPPT solar charge controller 12V 24V DC

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): MPPT charge controller with at least 99.5% tracking efficiency, high accuracy when detecting and recording the power peak, max.conversion efficiency of 98%. MPPT solar charge controller 12V / 24V DC automatically detect, max.PV input power 130W / 12V, 260W / 24V), max.input voltage 100V. Various battery types support: sealed battery, gel battery, AGM battery, flooded battery and lithium battery, easy changeover by control system. Multifunctional LCD display with backlighting, support of PC software and remote meter reader MT-50, real-time monitoring and parameter setting. Compensation function for battery temperature. as well as the readout function of the real-time energy statistics. MPPT charge controller with practical control modes: manual mode, test mode, light control mode and light control + timer mode. Two year guarantee guaranteed
124,37 €